OREANDA-NEWS. Polish police officer was seriously injured as a result of an attack by migrants on the border with Belarus. It is assumed that he received a fracture of the skull bones, according to the Polish police.

«One of the policemen was seriously injured <...>. Presumably, after being hit with an object, a fracture of the skull bones occurred», written on Twitter. The police added that the injured security officer was being taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The Polish Ministry of Defense reported about attacks by migrants on Polish servicemen guarding the border crossing in the Forge. «Aggressive migrants continue to throw stones at our soldiers and officers. Polish services are repelling the attack», the agency said on Twitter on Tuesday, November 16. It is also reported that the Polish military «used tear gas to suppress the aggression of migrants».

According to the Polish Defense Ministry, the migrants received stun grenades from the Belarusian security forces and began throwing them at Polish servicemen. «Today's attack is carried out under the strict control of employees of the Belarusian services», the agency further wrote.

In addition, Poland accused the Belarusian security forces of destroying the barriers on the border of the two countries. «Last night, four Belarusian soldiers tried to damage the fence and force 11 migrants to cross into Poland. The soldiers managed to stop this attempt», the Defense Ministry said on Twitter. A video distributed by the Polish department shows a man in camouflage on the Belarusian side of the barriers in the dark trying to destroy barbed wire fences, and when the Poles approach, he runs away.