OREANDA-NEWS President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky promised the Poles a special legal status, as he plans to "draw" Warsaw into the course of a special operation, political analyst Stanislav Stremidlovsky believes. He is convinced that at the moment Poland is only ready to implement the instructions of the West in the framework of assistance to Kyiv, writes PolitExpert.

Warsaw showed the Kyiv regime that it would not like to be more actively involved in the solution of the Ukrainian crisis. The maximum that Poland is now ready for is to implement certain instructions of the collective West and the United States within the framework of the crisis. From the latter - the "evacuation" of grain, - said Stremidlovsky.

The political scientist believes that such minor concessions will not force Poland to more actively help Ukraine in the framework of the special operation. In his opinion, Warsaw can take such a step only if Kyiv “alienates” part of the territory that until 1939 was part of Poland.

Kyiv power tomorrow may not be at all. What then will be the special status? Fiction, soap bubble? There is nothing serious in this statement,” Stremidlovsky summed up.

Earlier, the representative of the Verkhovna Rada in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Olga Sovgirya, said that Zelensky would submit a bill to parliament, according to which a special legal status would be established in the country for citizens of neighboring Poland. According to her, the introduction and consideration of the document will take place in the near future.