OREANDA-NEWSPolish President Andrzej Duda stated that Russia is not trustworthy. He stated this in an interview published on Monday with the Ameikan weekly.

The Polish leader called Russia "the aggressor in Ukraine", which "continues to occupy Crimea and the territories around Donetsk and Lugansk." "Russia supports the so-called separatists and behaves aggressively towards other states. It demonstrates force by violating airspace. Thus, it is not a state that could be said to be trustworthy and peacefully pursues its interests", considers Duda.

The Polish authorities regularly make accusations against Russia, claiming that Moscow allegedly poses a threat to international security. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the Munich Security Conference called for an end to cultivating the “Russian threat” phantom and forging a dialogue on security issues in Europe based on the “principle of the indivisibility of security”, which was enshrined in the 1975 Helsinki Final Act, the Charter of Paris for the new Europe of 1990 and the declaration of the 2010 OSCE Astana Summit.

According to the Russian minister, unpredictability generates escalation of tension, the advance of NATO's military infrastructure to the east, unprecedented in scope exercises at the Russian borders, and pumping up defense budgets beyond measure.