OREANDA-NEWS Vietnamese President Chang Dai Quang died on Friday at 10: 05 (06: 05 GMT) at Hanoi military hospital number 108 at the age of 61. This was reported by the head of the Central Department of health Nguyen Kuok Chieu.

According to the hospital, the head of state was in a serious condition. Sources noted that, the President was treated by local and foreign specialists in medical institution.

"The President struggled with a serious illness. However, despite all the efforts of leading domestic and foreign doctors, and could not recover," - said in a statement of the Central Health Department, responsible for the care of the health of the leaders of the party and the state of Vietnam.

Chang Dai Quang previously served as Minister of public security for a long time. Chang Dai Quang led the country in April 2016. His candidacy was supported by 91% of the deputies of the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament), which is the highest authority in the country under the Constitution. In the post of head of the Vietnamese State, Chang Dai Quang replaced 67-year-old Chuong tan Shang, who had been heading the country since 2011.

The President of Vietnam is elected by the National Assembly from among the deputies. Formally, he is the head of state, but in fact the leadership of the country is carried out by the Secretary General of the Communist party and the head of government.

Tran Dai Quang is a native Northern Vietnamese province Ninben. He was born in 1956. He is a staff officer of the state security bodies, doctor of law, since 2006 - a member of the Central Committee (CC) of the Communist party of Vietnam (CPV), since 2011 - a member of the Politburo and the Minister of public security.

Held in January 2016, the XII Congress of the CPV recommended Cheong tan Shang as the successor of Chang Dai Quang.