OREANDA-NEWSThe protests in New York, caused by the death in Minneapolis (Minnesota) of the African American George Floyd, calmed down a little on Wednesday and took place mainly without clashes with the police and with tightened control on their part. The correspondent of the Russian media was able to verify this by visiting some of them.

The riots and pogroms that marked the end of last week in the American metropolis have subsided by Wednesday. During the day, several peaceful protests took place in the city, including near the residence of Mayor Bill de Blasio, at the Trump International Hotel and Tower, in city squares. Most of them began in the late afternoon. For the most part, protesters had protective masks on their faces, which the authorities required to wear in a pandemic.

One of the actions took place on Union Square in lower Manhattan, where a media correspondent visited. About 200 people gathered stood peacefully and listened to speakers who, passing each other a microphone, made speeches in memory of Floyd and other African-Americans who died at the hands of police officers.