OREANDA-NEWSThe possibilities of returning to a full-fledged dialogue between Russia and the United States are the main topic of a series of talks that took place in Sochi on Tuesday.The US Secretary of State arrived to communicate with his Russian counterpart. For Sergey Lavrov and Mike, Pompeo is the second meeting since the beginning of the month. Then they made statements to the press, told the results of the conversation to Vladimir Putin.

We discussed a number of international issues: Syria, Iran, the Korean Peninsula. The parties noted that many issues affect the interests of both countries. This is so far only the first visit of Pompeo to Russia as the US Secretary of State, reports the Russia 24 TV channel. "Despite the exotic nature of the work of the commission of Mr. Muller, we still have to give him his due - in general, he conducted an objective investigation and confirmed the absence of all traces and collusion between Russia and the current administration, which we initially characterized as complete nonsense. There were no parties in the United States at the state level, and this could not be. And this, among other things, caused the deterioration of interstate relations. I hope that the situation is changing today", he said. 

“We have common interests and there are also issues where we can cooperate, work productively,” Pompeo stressed. “We can work together to ensure that all our people live more successfully and the whole world in general also succeeds. Therefore, the President Trump asked me to come with this message so that I could talk about some ideas and projects. We can work together on North Korea, on Afghanistan, on other issues. Also we can talk about strategic dialogue so that the world at large from this grail". On the agenda were issues of strategic stability. We discussed the situation with the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (PRSMD), from which the States withdraw, and the subject of START.