OREANDA-NEWSRussia isn't going to fight with any of the countries and is creating conditions so that no one "thinks" to fight with it. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Russian media. “Russia is not going to fight with anyone. We are going to create conditions so that no one thinks to fight with us”, he said.

The Russian leader added that Russia ranks seventh in the world in terms of the military budget. So, US President Donald Trump told Putin that the United States has a “crazy budget” for 2020 - $ 738 billion, which is 16 times higher than Russia’s ($ 48 billion). According to the head of state, Moscow adheres to the principle of “reasonable sufficiency”.

Putin also spoke about the uniqueness of the situation. If before, in the newest modern history of the country, Russia has always caught up with its competitors in strategic weapons, but now it's the other way around. So, in the country they created hypersonic shock complexes, which are not found anywhere in the world.