OREANDA-NEWS Russian President Vladimir Putin (on the photo) has proposed extending the current Treaty on strategic offensive arms reduction without any conditions for a year, according to the Kremlin's website.

"I have a proposal, namely, to extend the current agreement without any conditions for at least a year, in order to be able to hold meaningful negotiations on all the parameters of the problems that are regulated by agreements of this kind," Putin said.

The President also instructed foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to prepare Russia's position in the near future, present it to the United States and get a clear response.

At the moment,Russia and the United States are negotiating against the background of the expiring start-3 Treaty.

The Treaty on measures for further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (start-3) was signed by Russia and the United States in 2010. It involves both sides reducing their strategic offensive weapons. Start-3 was concluded for a period of ten years. The issue of a further arms control system is currently being resolved