OREANDA-NEWS.  Scientists from Columbia University measured levels of radiation pollution in the Marshall Islands, where during the Cold War, the United States conducted 67 nuclear tests.  For analysis, scientists took soil samples from several parts of the island.

 The highest dose of radiation was found on Bikini Island, where the United States conducted the largest hydrogen bomb test in the history of mankind, and then sank dozens of radioactive ships in the area.  Plutonium was found a thousand times more on Bikini Island than at Chernobyl or at Fukushima - a nuclear power plant in Japan, which was partially destroyed in 2011 after an earthquake.

 The “Cactus” bomb, which exploded on Runite Island in 1958, left a deep crater.  Two decades later, the US military dumped contaminated waste from dozens of other tests into it.  Everything was covered in 1979 with a large round concrete dome with a diameter of 115 meters and a thickness of 45 centimeters.