OREANDA-NEWS. At the end of a difficult 2020, people's fatigue from COVID-19 and related restrictions seems to be reaching a limit. In all parts of the world, this fatigue is thrown out in different ways.

A protest march against restrictions was held in Barcelona the day before. No social distance. The demonstrators without masks, but in wigs and costumes, had fun and danced like at a New Year's party.

Similar marches were planned in many cities of Germany, but the authorities hastily banned most of them. As a result, the largest demonstration took place in Berlin. Hundreds of activists, under the watchful eye of the police, carried posters with the slogans "The corona is a virus, capitalism is a pandemic" and "Let the rich pay for the crisis." And all this on the day that Germany recorded a daily death record from COVID-19.

In Brazil, the third country in the world in the number of registered cases of coronavirus, citizens exhausted by restrictions on New Year's Eve are massively sent on vacation. The Sao Paulo airport is buzzing with huge queues for domestic and international flights.

On the world famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro, crowds of people have forgotten about precautions and personal protective equipment. They are having fun and trying not to think about the hundreds of thousands of victims of the pandemic.

As tourist Gustavo Santos explains, people know that the virus has taken many lives, but he believes that this is not the fault of living people. The people who are alive today are not to blame, because they did not cause the virus to enter the world. According to him, people know that they have to think about others, but everyone just wants to live and be happy.