OREANDA-NEWS. For more than a day, relatives of the missing and captured military personnel have been holding protests throughout Armenia, demanding the return of relatives who were captured after the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. On Friday, April 9, they tried to tear down the gate of the main entrance to the territory of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic and damaged them, the correspondent of «DW» reports. The law enforcement forces brought here were forced to push back the protesters, and there were some scuffles.

Meanwhile, the protesters blocked not only the main gate of the ministry, but also all other entrances and exits. For more than a day, employees of the military department can not leave their jobs.

In the morning, the protesters were asked to gather a delegation to meet with the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff, but the people demanded that high-ranking military personnel themselves come out to them. The situation near the building of the Ministry of Defense remains tense.

According to various sources, between 188 and 228 Armenian military personnel are currently in captivity in Azerbaijan. The relatives of the soldiers demand, that the authorities inform them at least about the progress of the search work, about their health and condition. People believe, that the authorities are not making the necessary efforts to return their relatives home.