OREANDA-NEWS. The Swedish prosecutor's office has filed charges in the case of espionage in favor of Russia to a citizen of the kingdom, who allegedly sold information, that jeopardized the security of the country.

«I claim, that he, while working as a consultant at his previous job, received materials for the purpose of providing information to a foreign power, in this case Russia. He was well paid for this information, and this shows, how much Russia values the information provided», Prosecutor Mats Jungqvist said in a statement, quoted by European media.

The man's name is not disclosed, but it is known, that he is 47 years old. He was arrested in February 2019 during a meeting with a Russian diplomat in a restaurant in central Stockholm. The diplomat was detained for a short time, and then released due to diplomatic immunity.

According to the indictment, the man illegally transferred materials from a work computer to his personal computer, and then to USB media. He also photographed materials from the screen of his work computer.

«The Prosecutor's Office believes, that this case threatens the security of Sweden. Sweden, not the company, is the affected part in this situation», the statement reads. If the accused is found guilty, he can get up to six years in prison.