OREANDA-NEWS The Russian brigade completed work on connecting the span of the first Russian-Chinese bridge across the Amur river from the village of Nizhneleninskoye of the Jewish Autonomous region to the city district of Tongjiang in the North-East of China. This was reported on Thursday by the administration of Heilongjiang province.

"In the morning of March 20, the last steel beam was installed: for its part, Russia has completed the work. This means that the first railway bridge between the two countries as a whole is successfully connected, - said in a statement published on its website. - Movement of transport on it will be possible approximately in July".

It notes that in recent years, the Chinese-Russian trade turnover is constantly increasing, and therefore transport by rail with relatively low costs are particularly relevant.

In February, the Governor of the Jewish Autonomous region Alexander Levintal at the Russian investment forum in Sochi informed that this engineering facility will start functioning in September 2019.

The bridge connecting Nizhneleninskoye and Tongjiang is the first railway facility of its kind between Russia and China. Its length is 2,209m, 309m of them are on the Russian side. The agreement on its construction was signed in 2013, the cost was originally to be 9 billion rubles.

Later, the work required additional allocations, which were increased by 15-20%. The facility is financed by the Far East and Baikal region development Fund by 25%, and by the Russian direct investment Fund through the Russian - Chinese Fund by 75%. It is planned to export iron ore, coal, mineral fertilizers, forest products and other goods across the bridge to China.