OREANDA-NEWSRussia regards the detention in Kosovo of diplomats, including a citizen of the Russian Federation, as complete disregard of international law and believes that the UN should state its position on this issue, since stability in the Balkans depends on its determination. This was announced on Monday by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, speaking to deputies of the National Assembly of Serbia.

“We condemn provocations against Serbs in Kosovo together with you”, he said, calling the Kosovo Albanian special forces in the north of Kosovo on May 28 “a provocative step aimed at intimidating the Serbs by force”. Volodin reaffirmed that "all parties must comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1244, and those who don't follow these decisions must be held accountable". “The interests of sovereign Serbia should be fully taken into account in accordance with international law”, the speaker stressed.

Commenting on the detention in Kosovo of the staff of the UN mission, including Russian Mikhail Krasnoshchekov, Volodin stressed that the Russian Federation regards this as "complete disregard for international law". "The United Nations must declare its position, and not only its authority, but also peace in the Balkans, depends on its decisiveness, concrete actions", the speaker said.

As Volodin added, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that Serbia can always count on Russia's help. "Our president, knowing that I will speak before you, conveyed the warmest words of greeting and support", he said. “The brotherly people of Serbia, as always, can count on Russia’s help”, Volodin quoted the President of the Russian Federation. These words were met with applause in the hall. He also added that Serbia was lucky with President Vucic.