OREANDA-NEWS  Japan's invasion of the Kurils and Sakhalin is unrealistic today, since the military capabilities of Tokyo and Moscow are incommensurable, said Igor Korotchenko said. Korotchenko is a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense.

"In addition, Russia is a nuclear power and the attack on it could be compared with the public execution of Tokyo's geopolitical harakiri. The ruling circles in Japan are in their right mind and will never go to such a scenario, understanding the price that will have to be paid for it," he said.

Korotchenko stressed that in recent years, Russian troops in the southern Kuriles have equipped with the latest models of weapons and military equipment.

The Defense Ministry considered the" impromptu" article of General Anatoly Zaitsev about the threat of Japan's seizure of Sakhalin and the southern Kurils.

"The military potential of Russia in the Far East and, above all, the combat capabilities of the Eastern military district and the Pacific fleet allow us to reliably neutralize any existing and future threats to the security and territorial integrity of our country," the defense Ministry noted, commenting on Zaitsev's article in the "Military — industrial courier".

The former chief of the General staff of Abkhazia in the Military Department was called "long lost contact" with the Russian Armed forces and "using dubious sources of information".

"He is too far from the reality and postulates of military science to take such assessments seriously," the defense Ministry concluded.

According to Zaitsev, Tokyo has not abandoned the expansionist ambitions and the plan "great Japan to the Urals" has not been canceled.

At the same time, the General believes, the US will take a neutral position, but will try to convince Moscow not to use nuclear weapons. China, in turn, will remain on the sidelines, but will probably insist on its territorial claims against Russia.

In the end, the expert writes, Tokyo will take into account the interests of Washington and "the next day" on the Kuril Islands there will be American military bases.