OREANDA-NEWS Russia ranked 138th in the corruption perceptions index prepared by the international human rights organization Transparency International (TI), and the country's situation has only worsened over the past year.

Experts noted a similar level in Papua New Guinea, Lebanon, Iran, Guinea and Mexico. TI believes that the level of perception of corruption is interrelated with the level of democracy in the country.

Only 28 points out of 100 put the experts of TI Russia in the corruption perception index. Over the past three years, the country has received a higher score — respectively, at the end of 2017, it ranked 135th out of 180. Now Russia has fallen to 138th place. In TI note that the index of perception of corruption and its level is not exactly the same, because the indicator of the latter can not be fixed. The organization assesses the "climate in society": its offices conduct surveys of experts and entrepreneurs in each country.

TI concluded that the level of perception of corruption is interrelated with the level of democracy in the country.

"The problems with corruption are due to the fact that the existing institutions of a democratic society are often replaced by their imitation," the TI report says. "From the point of view of transparency international — Russia, the Russian Federation perfectly illustrates this trend." The organization advises the authorities to pay more attention to the investigation of journalists and public figures. "Inspection officials we are very selective,— said "Kommersant" the General Director of the Russian TI Anton Pominov. - We wrote about the rector of the Mining University in St. Petersburg (see. "Kommersant" from October 19, 2018), about the fact that Ramzan Kadyrov earns billions at the races. But no one cares, but someone for a possible bribe of a thousand rubles is sure to attract."

The leaders of the list — Denmark (88 points), New Zealand (87), as well as Finland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland (85 points). Close the list South Sudan and Syria (13 points), as well as Somalia (10). Among the CIS countries the best result in the dynamics showed Tajikistan: added 4 points for the year (26 in the end). Ukraine (from 30 to 32 points) and Moldova (from 31 to 33 points) continue to improve the situation. Kazakhstan (31), Armenia (35) and Kyrgyzstan (29) did not change their results. Azerbaijan lost 6 points in a year (25).