OREANDA-NEWSThe head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev, said that the continuation by Kiev of the sanctions policy towards Moscow would complicate the process of normalizing relations between the two countries. He called the dead end the continuation of the policy of his predecessor by the new president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky.

On the eve, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called on the United States to continue tightening sanctions against the Russian Federation. He stated this during a meeting with representatives of the administration and the US Congress, who arrived in Kiev to participate in the official inauguration ceremony.

"In fact, this is a dead end. Doing the same actions with different results is a sign, to put it mildly, of policy inadequacy. And if Zelensky wants to achieve a breakthrough in the situation in which his country ended up as a result of his predecessor's rule, then least of all it is necessary to step on the “rake of Petro Poroshenko” on the topic of “Russian aggression” and “toughening of sanctions.” It has been verified that it does not work, ”Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

He noted with regret that the new president of Ukraine had demonstrated the day before that he had headed a dependent country. "For Ukraine and for Zelensky himself, in his role as head of state, tightening anti-Russian sanctions will not only do nothing, but will only complicate the process of normalizing relations with our country, and without it he will have to work within the strict policy framework of his predecessor". However, if Poroshenko’s “war with Russia” was the main way to maintain power and justify his failures, Zelensky still has a chance to start everything from a “clean sheet” and change the disastrous course for Ukraine to strengthen internal and external conflicts, ”the senator believes.