OREANDA-NEWSDPRK received from Russia 25 thousand tons of selected grain as humanitarian aid. This was announced on Thursday by the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang on its Facebook page.

"On May 14, Ambassador Alexander Macegora and embassy diplomats visited the port of Nampo, where the other day a cargo ship Polina arrived, delivering 25 thousand tons of selected grain from Novorossiysk", the message says.

According to the embassy, ​​in connection with strict quarantine measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, the crew of a ship arriving in DPRK from Russia was placed under medical supervision, and the delivered wheat was unloaded in an isolated area of ​​the port. “We had to watch the coordinated, neat work of Korean dockers and railway workers from afar”, the embassy said.

“We were convinced that they were trying to process the precious cargo so that not a single grain was lost. A tarp was stretched from the side of the vessel to the railway tracks, from which it’s going to all the same that fell out of the bucket of the gantry crane".