OREANDA-NEWSWashington believes that Russia, Iran and Cuba are conducting military intervention in Venezuela. This was announced on April 17 during a telephone briefing by an employee of the State Department, the Russian media reported.

“There is a military intervention, but not from the United States or President Juan Guaydo (the opposition leader who declared himself acting head of state. - Ed.), But from the regime (Venezuelan President Nicolas. - Ed.) Maduro, Cuba, Russia and Iran, ”the diplomatic representative said. According to her, the presence in Venezuela of the military personnel of these countries is “intolerable” and “unacceptable” for Washington. She also adding that the United States will take retaliatory measures.

Earlier, on April 15, Guaido also called the intervention of the military from Russia and Cuba in Venezuela as an intervention. The politician noted that only parliament can allow the entry of foreign troops into the country. According to him, the opposition excludes the military version of the resolution of the Venezuelan political crisis.

On January 23, against the background of opposition protests in Venezuela, Parliament Speaker Guaido declared himself the interim president. Politics was supported by the USA, Canada, Guatemala and a number of other states. The President of the Republic of Maduro then broke off diplomatic relations with Washington, accusing the US authorities of attempting a coup d'état. Russia, Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba and several other countries expressed support for it. After the incidents, problems with electricity started in Venezuela, all metro lines were stopped in the capital, problems with mobile communications were also observed.