OREANDA-NEWSRussian Alexei Burkov, extradited from Israel to the United States in November, where he is accused of cybercrime, pleaded guilty at a trial on Thursday. This is reported by Russian media with reference to their correspondents in the courtroom.

We are talking about a deal with the investigation and pleading guilty on two points - the theft of personal data and money laundering. Last week, the Russian lawyer said that his client was going to plead guilty to a number of charges at a hearing in the federal court of the city of Alexandria in the United States.

The Russians were initially charged with electronic fraud, fraud using devices to access data, conspiracy to commit fraudulent acts, hacking computer systems, theft of personal data and money laundering. The Justice Ministry warned that if Burkov is found guilty on all counts, he faces up to 80 years in prison.

According to the prosecution, Burkov was the administrator of the Cardplanet website, which sold stolen credit and debit card information. Many of the data sold there belonged to US citizens. The attackers, having bought the data on Burkov’s website, made purchases of more than $ 20 million with their help, according to the documents of the US Department of Justice. Burkova was detained in Israel in 2015. In November last year, he was extradited to the United States, where he appeared in court.