OREANDA-NEWSRussia will retaliate in connection with the new US sanctions imposed on the basis of the Magnitsky Act. This is stated in a statement released on Thursday by the Russian Embassy in the United States. The imposition of sanctions at the embassy was described as “an attempt at unilateral coercive measures contrary to international law”. Such measures are not taken in the civilized communication of countries, the diplomats reminded.

"These steps will trigger a response. Responding in this way, we have always stressed that this is not our choice. We are striving to cooperate with the United States in the long term. We are ready for this, and we believe that this is the right option," the statement said. Particularly, the embassy stressed that the new sanctions "clearly contradict" the positive outcome of the talks between Vladimir Putin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Sochi.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, after adding members of the Chechen special squad “Terek” to the list of US sanctions, said that Washington continues to play in sanctions, although it’s near the stigma of the down. "The United States continued to play children's games in the sanctions. It is on the conscience of the United States that millions of victims, destroyed countries, nations, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya. pooh! " - wrote Kadyrov on Twitter.

Earlier, the head of Chechnya in his Telegram channel was surprised by the decision of the US authorities to impose sanctions against the special "Terek" rapid-response unit, calling the special squad one of the best in the antiterrorist sphere. “As they say, where is Magnitsky, and where is Chechnya? From what side is the Terek squad tied to Magnitsky?” - he wrote. An employee of a large investment fund, Hermitage Capital Management, Sergei Magnitsky, who was accused by Russian law enforcement agencies of tax fraud, died in the Matrosskaya Tishina detention center in November 2009 after spending almost a year in prison. His death caused a wide public response both in Russia and abroad.