OREANDA-NEWSThe Swedish government needs to stop praising anti-Russian sanctions. About this in a comment on Facebook in connection with the recent speeches of the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Leuven in parliament and social networks, the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom wrote on Thursday. "We believe that it is high time for the Swedish leadership to stop extolling anti-Russian sanctions and seriously think about lifting them", the comment says.

“The EU should help create a safer world outside the Union”, said Leuven, introducing the first European declaration of his government in parliament on Wednesday. “When anti-democratic forces strain their muscles, the EU is needed as a strong voice for peace, democracy and human rights. There are good examples, such as sanctions against Russia, the Eastern Partnership, and efforts against pirates in the Horn of Africa".

Russian diplomats recall that the Friendly Fire: Impact on Sanctions imposed against Russia and Retaliatory Sanctions study published in October in the Economic Policy journal indicated that according to the study, Western countries lose monthly because of sanctions restrictions at least $ 1.8 billion, with the European Union accounting for 92% of the losses.