OREANDA-NEWSVladimir Yermakov, director of the non-proliferation and arms control department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, said the US had brought nuclear weapons to Europe, which is very similar to deployment for further use. This official told the Russian media. “Unfortunately, many countries dependent on Washington pretend that nothing is happening, or they are simply afraid to even think about the provocative nature of the fact that in the 21st century Europe is preparing to use nuclear weapons with connecting non-nuclear states,” said Yermakov.

US raises the question of the impossibility of nuclear disarmament. In his opinion, the countries of Europe put themselves "on the brink of nuclear catastrophe and complete self-destruction." In early May, the Foreign Ministry announced that Russia opposes the decision of the United States to deploy nuclear weapons in European countries. In addition to these, the ministry noted that such a US policy could not contribute to nuclear disarmament, which Tram had previously requested Russia and China, because this procedure should be carried out gradually and consistently.

In late January, it became known about the development in the United States of a low-powered nuclear warhead for Trident missiles. Proponents of the creation point out that it can be used to a limited extent in a conflict and at the same time more clearly predict civilian casualties. In early May, the Pentagon explained that such a weapon is necessary for the NATO bloc because of the presence of similar events in Moscow.

Against the deployment of American missiles with nuclear warheads in Europe after the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty is the German Foreign Ministry. “In no case should Europe become an arena for debate on arms buildup. The deployment of medium-range missiles will face widespread resistance in Germany, ”said the head of department, Heiko Maas.