OREANDA-NEWS   Inspectors of the Russian Federation on Tuesday will check a military facility in France in the framework of the Vienna document. This was reported to journalists by the Head of the National center for reducing nuclear danger (part of the defense Ministry) Sergey Ryzhkov. The representative of the Defense Ministry does not specify what the object in question.

It is indicated that the event will be held in accordance with the Vienna document 2011 on confidence-building measures and security.

"In accordance with the Vienna document of 2011 on confidence - building and security measures, the Russian group of inspectors plans to visit a military facility on the territory of France to assess information," Sergey Ryzhkov said. He specified that inspection will take place on Tuesday one day.

Sergey Ryzhkov noted that Russian inspectors will visit the military facility at its usual location in peacetime. The command on the French side will be held for the specialists of the Russian Federation the briefing of personnel on site, as well as major weapon and equipment systems.

The Рead of the center added that such visits are carried out to verify information "about the military forces and plans for the deployment of basic weapons systems and military equipment."

Half a year ago it was reported that the Russian delegation in September last year checked military facilities in the Netherlands. The inspection also took place in accordance with the Vienna document on confidence-and security-building measures.

The Vienna document 2011 on confidence-and security-building measures was adopted on 30 November 2011 at the plenary meeting of the Forum on security cooperation. The purpose of this document is to implement confidence-and security-building measures to increase stability and reduce the threat of military conflicts in the OSCE region (Organization for security and cooperation in Europe)