OREANDA-NEWS. According to the correspondent of the Russian First Channel Georgy Olisashvili, their film crew was attacked in Philadelphia, the cameraman of the film crew received a concussion. The strangest thing is that the local police didn't help much during the attack.

According to Georgy Olisashvili, he and his operator Maxim Kataev went to film the consequences of the looting of shops in Philadelphia. They finished their work and were about to leave when a lot of people appeared on the street. They turned around to leave, and at that time some very aggressive guys appeared. Seeing their aggressive state, the staff of the film crew went to the car at a quick pace, realizing that an attack might occur.

He said that they did not have time to block the doors of the car, and these aggressive-minded people from all sides began to open the doors and climb into the car. The attackers took the camera and tried to take the bag of equipment. The journalist tried to push out the man who was reaching for the bag. And at that moment, another man reached out and snatched the phone out of his hands.

After that, he said, the cameraman ran into the crowd to try to get his camera back, which, according to the journalist, was not very reasonable in their situation.

As a result, the Russian operator was hit six times on the neck and head, he had hematomas and a concussion.

The journalist said that they immediately stopped a police patrol and reported what had happened, but American law enforcement officers refused to go to the scene and advised to contact 911.