OREANDA-NEWSProspects for the speedy lifting of UN sanctions against the DPRK are absent due to the position of the United States in the Security Council of the world organization. This was announced on Tuesday by the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya to journalists. "The immediate prospects for lifting the sanctions on North Korea aren't visible", the diplomat said, answering the relevant question. 

According to him, Russia can contribute to resolving this issue, but sanctions against Pyongyang were introduced by the UN Security Council resolution and can be lifted only by the same decision. “In order for a resolution to be adopted, the Council must be united, at least among the five permanent members”, the permanent representative of the Russian Federation explained.

"There is at least one member of the Council, or he isn't one in fact, who is categorically against any relief of the sanctions against the DPRK", Nebenya stated. The illusion that the fact that something had begun between them was the result of sanctions and nothing more". "Therefore, being in this illusion, they say that only maximum pressure on North Korea can lead to results", he added.

“We tell them that it is necessary not only to use the stick, but also to use carrots and show that the movement is two-way”, the diplomat said. Someone, he said, understands this, "but those who make decisions at the political level live in a completely different paradigm". But, as the diplomat noted, one of the members "is categorically against any relief of sanctions against the DPRK", instead insisting on "maximum pressure" on Pyongyang. This approach is followed by the administration of US President Donald Trump. This method will be more productive.