OREANDA-NEWS A Russian-flagged cargo ship Seagrand crashed into a bridge in the South Korean port of Busan. This is written by local publications News Joins, Chosun and News Khan. No casualties were reported.

The incident occurred on February 28 at 16: 23 local time (10: 23 GMT). The cargo ship crashed forward into the section between the supports of the bridge. As a result, the hull was damaged, and the bridge structure was dented five to five meters.

As News Joins points out with reference to the coast guard, the navigational coast guard sent a signal to the captain about a possible accident, if he does not adjust the route, and gave instructions about the change of course. However, the Russian captain of the "poorly understood English."

Marine navigation tracking portal MarineTraffic last received a signal about the position of Seagrand on the automatic identification system (AIS) late in the evening of February 26. At that moment the ship was heading towards Busan from the neighboring port of Pohan.

The incident is being investigated by the Maritime police. The captain of the Russian vessel was detained. Rescuers took Seagrand to a safe distance, so as not to block the movement of other ships, and anchored.

According to the portal "Water transport" cargo ship Seagrand with a displacement of 6 thousand tons is assigned to the port of Vladivostok. The ship owner company "Vostokmorservis", and the operator — "Grand shipping". It was built in Japan in 1986.

Russian media sent requests to Vostokmorservice and the Russian Embassy in Seoul.

Yesterday was reported that the ship "Partizan" was damaged in a small explosion. On Wednesday the ship safely reached to the South Korean port of Pohang. This was announced by Deputy Director of the company-shipowner "Hudson" Valery Uliskin.