OREANDA-NEWS The plane from Chisinau, which carries the crew of a Russian tanker detained in Ukraine, landed in Moscow.

Earlier, the SBU detained the Russian tanker Nika Spirit in the port of Izmail. The Ukrainian side claims that it used to be called Neyma and allegedly participated in blocking the passage of Ukrainian warships during the incident in the Kerch Strait.

Security Service officers, military prosecutors and border guards searched the ship, seized documents, records of negotiations and logbooks. They also interrogated the crew. The captain of the vessel later said that the search on board was conducted in violation of the rules, and the sailors themselves did not violate any rules.

After the search, the SBU said they did not find a reason to detain the sailors. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the sailors crossed the border with Moldova to fly from Chisinau to their homeland.

The tanker reacted to the detention in international organizations. So, the UN called on Moscow and Kiev to refrain from escalating the situation.