OREANDA-NEWS In the next two years, a devastating earthquake will occur in the United States near the California city of Ventura.

Director General of the International Center for Global Monitoring and Seismic Weather Forecast, leading researcher at the Coordination and Predictive Center of the Institute of Earth Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Samvel Akopyan shared his forecast in an interview with RIA Novosti.

In early June, the most serious earthquakes in recent years occurred in California, although the region’s seismic activity map does not mark these sites as potentially dangerous. According to Hakobian, the probability of an earthquake with a magnitude higher than 6 in this region was estimated at 1%. This is only the beginning of seismic activity in California.

Hakobyan claims that the next earthquake will occur on the Ventura Fault, which goes along the north of Los Angeles in the direction of Santa Barbara. It will be a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of just under 8. It should be waited for two years, until June 2021.