OREANDA-NEWS Scientists were able to find artifacts confirming the residence of people in the mountains of Ethiopia in the Paleolithic era. In the Bale Mountains, household items were found that were used more than thirty thousand years ago, during the ice age, by human ancestors.

Researchers began their study from the cliff of Finch Haber, which is located at an altitude of three and a half thousand meters above sea level. It was here, on the banks of a small stream, that scientists were able to find confirmation of the life of ancient people.

Studies say that ancient people chose this place to live because of the drought in the lowland. While in this part of the mountain niche people did not experience problems with fresh water and fed mainly on mole rats. In turn, the glacier was only 500 meters from their site.

They made their tools from obsidian, which is confirmed by the tips found at the excavation site, and ceramic shards and glass beads were also found here.

Scientists also found that at such a great height, people did not experience oxygen starvation, as they were able to adapt to life at altitude.