OREANDA-NEWS  The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has announced significant reductions in the volume of US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe over the past few years.

American experts note that the number of American B61 nuclear bombs in Europe has decreased to one hundred units (previously it was reported about 150 units at NATO bases in five European countries).

It is noted that neither the United States nor the European members of NATO notified Russia about this.

A source from Russian government agencies believes that the changes may be related to the modernization of these bombs in order to increase their accuracy and functionality.

However, American experts believe that the reason for the reduction in the arsenal lies elsewhere. They admit that Washington may have replaced some of the bombs with fewer upgraded versions (B61-12). In addition, scientists noted that most of the weapons were allegedly removed from the Turkish base of Incirlik amid deteriorating relations with Ankara after the coup attempt in 2016, although this was not publicly reported.