OREANDA-NEWSSeveral Russian military aircraft entered the area of ​​coverage of South Korea’s air defense system (KADIZ) on October 22, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the country said in a statement. In total, South Korean air defense recorded six aircraft that flew near the Korean Peninsula during the day. We are talking about the A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft, three Su-27 fighters and two Tu-95 bombers. In Seoul, they say that some of them headed towards Japan, and then proceeded in the opposite direction.

The South Korean military indicates that no Russian aerospace forces aircraft entered the country's airspace (the KADIZ zone extends beyond it and is necessary for early warning of an air attack). Nevertheless, ten F-15 and KF-16 fighter jets were raised towards the A-50, which warned the Russian pilot about the inadmissibility of violating the border, the Yonhap agency reported.

On July 23, the Russian Air Force A-50 aircraft entered the airspace of South Korea and turned back after warning shots from the side of the raised fighters. The Korean media indicates that this year not only Russian, but also Chinese military aircraft appeared in the KADIZ zone.