OREANDA-NEWS. The Belarusian state television channel ONT on Sunday, April 25, showed the confessions of three detainees in the case of preparing an «armed rebellion» in Belarus and an attempt on the ruler of the country Alexander Lukashenko. We are talking about philologist and political scientist Alexander Fedut, lawyer Yuri Zenkovich, as well as the leader of the opposition Party BPF (Belarusian People's Front) Grigory Kostusev. A fragment from the ONT broadcast includes video inserts of no more than two seconds, on one of which Zenkovich says: «I plead guilty», Kostusev: «I plead guilty» and Feduta: «I plead guilty to participating in a conspiracy».

A few days earlier, four defendants in the case were charged with conspiracy to seize power. The name of the fourth person involved is still not known. The Russian Federal Security Service announced the prevention of a military coup in Belarus on April 17. The agency claimed, that Feduta and Zenkovich, who were detained in Moscow on April 13 and 14, intended to overthrow the constitutional system in Belarus, as well as «physically eliminate» Lukashenko.

The ruler of Belarus has repeatedly claimed, that the US special services are involved in the alleged putsch being prepared in the republic. For it's part, the State Department called such accusations against the United States «absolutely false». Since 1994, Lukashenko has repeatedly told about the upcoming attempts on his life.