OREANDA-NEWS On May 12 the Latvian police stopped re-broadcasting of Russian TV channels banned in the country in Tukums region, Delfi writes, Gazeta.ru reports.

According to the newspaper, the violations were found during inspections of copyright and related rights violations. Law enforcers filed two administrative cases, one against an individual and one against a legal entity.

The police notified citizens that many TV programs produced in Russia contained news "posing a significant threat to national security and public order".

Retransmission of a number of Russian programs was banned by decision of the Latvian National Electronic Media Council.

A court in Latvia earlier overturned the decision of the National Electronic Media Council to block five Russian TV channels belonging to the Gazprom-Media holding company. The channels in question are THT-Comedy, THT4 International, FRIDAY International, KHL TV and TNT Music.