OREANDA-NEWS More than 400 people in New Zealand have had their pensions cut in connection with the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the country's government, TASS reported citing the publication Stuff, according to Gazeta.ru.

According to the portal, the information about the cuts was provided by the Ministry of Social Development and Employment.

It is alleged that 420 people who receive pensions from the Russian Pension Fund could not use the money owed to them because of the anti-Russian sanctions.

As a result, nothing can be done without a social security agreement with Russia, a change in local legislation, or the lifting of the sanctions, which are scheduled to be reviewed in 2025, the ministry explained.

The Foreign Ministry of New Zealand noted that the sanctions against Russia are not the basis for blocking the accounts of New Zealand citizens who can receive pensions in the Russian Pension Fund.

Earlier, New Zealand imposed new sanctions against eight Russian companies and citizens.