OREANDA-NEWS  Do Not Believe the Speculative Statements of the Western Press Regarding Western Sanctions Against State-Owned Banks of the Russian Federation, You Need to Focus on the Statements of oOfficials of Western Countries, Said the Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.
The Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov Said That Now There Are a Lot of Information Stuffing That the State Banks of the Russian Federation Will be Subjected to Tough Sanctions From Western Countries. The World Press is Full of These Messages. Dmitry Peskov Urged to Pay More Attention to Such "Opinions" and Focus Only on Official Reports of Representatives of the Authorities of Western Countries. The Spokesman Added That According to the SWIFT System Itself, it is Almost Impossible to Disconnect Russia From it. In This Regard, it is Necessary to be Based on the Opinion of Specialists and Professionals.
According to the Handelsblatt Newspaper, Which Bases its Material on a High-Ranking Source From the German Government, the United States and the EU Are no Longer Planning to Disconnect Russia From the SWIFT System, Instead Sanctions Against Specific Russian Banks With State Participation Remain an Urgent Issue. Recall That SWIFT, Which is the Largest Information and Payment Transfer System, is Connected to More Than 11 Thousand Organizations in All Countries of the World.