OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian Embassy in Washington is deeply worried and really concerned over an NBC recent reporting in which American support for “Ukrainian units” in Crimea was mentioned.

This diplomatic announcement was posted on Facebook. According to it the above-mentioned report  quotes unnamed US officials who state that the United States are assisting terrorists in some third countries and among them in Russia.

This NBC report mentioned “Ukrainian units” in Crimea in the context of rumors about Russia’s awarding the Taliban for the American soldiers’ murder. The channel expressed the opinion that it was “retribution” to the US for “supporting Ukrainian units in Crimea”.

The Russian diplomatic mission may allow some georaphical misunderstanding made by the American channel but if it is true they want to get some clarification in terms of this issue. The Russian Embassy claims the American side to explain if Washington really helped to organize terrorist attacks against people living in Crimea, directly or indirectly.

Although this information has been already refuted both by Moscow and the White House. Besides the US military encourage to be skeptical about such statements.