OREANDA-NEWS  On January 18, on Tuesday, the State Duma Adopted in the Third Reading a Law on Life Imprisonment for Pedophiles Who Were Previously Involved in Such Actions, as Well as for Pedophiles Who Committed This Crime for the First Time Against Two or More Minors.
The Law Provides for a Life Sentence for Committing Violent Acts for Pedophiles Who Have Already Served Time for This Crime. In Addition, for the First Time, Pedophiles Who Have Committed Violent Acts Against Two or More Minors, as Well as Persons Whose Violent Actions Were Associated With the Commission of Another Grave or Especially Grave Crime, Can Receive a Life Sentence.
It Is Worth Noting That After the Adoption of the Amendments in the Second Reading, Criminal Prosecution Now Concerns Crimes of a Similar Nature Against All Minors, and Not Only Those Under the Age of 14. Irina Pankina, Deputy Chairman of the Profile Committee on State Construction and Legislation, Said That the Amendments Concern Persons Who Commit Recidivism, as Well as Those Who Commit Crimes Against Two or More Minors, as Well as Pedophiles Who Commit Violence Involving the Commission of a Grave or Especially Grave Crime Against a Person. State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin Noted Earlier That This Law is a Fair Measure to Protect Children, Families and Society as a Whole From Geeks Who Only Outwardly Have the Appearance of People and Cause Irreparable Harm.