OREANDA-NEWS  On Tuesday, January 18, the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, Told Reporters That the United States and Its Allies Are Trying to Discredit the Planned Olympics in Beijing by Launching a Wave of Negative Responses and Compromising Materials in the Media Against the Event, the Main Role in This is Played by the US State Department.
Sergei Naryshkin Said That the State Department, Through Non-governmental Organizations Controlled by Him, to Influence Media Reports About the Change in the Attitude of the World Community to the Beijing Olympics. Naryshkin, Who is Also the cChairman of the Russian Historical Society, Said That the United States is Trying to Interfere in the Very Course of Organizing the Games, Discrediting the Organizers, the Wave of Anti-Chinese Rhetoric is Also Supported by the Most Odious Allies of the United States.
The Official Also Noted That There is Nothing New for Russia in This Behavior. The Same Kind of Rhetoric and Attitude in General Was on the Eve of the Sochi Olympics in 2014. By Itself, the Idea of Boycotting the Olympics is Meaningless, Since the Main Idea of Sports is Competition Outside Politics, Sports Should be "Without Borders". Naryshkin Said That he Hopes That the Civilized Part of Humanity, All Who Cherish the Ideals of Humanism, Will Watch With Attention and Joy the Upcoming Sports Festival Outside of Political Intrigues, the Enlightened World Community Will Express Solidarity With Athletes and Coaches Planning to Participate in the Beijing Olympics.