OREANDA-NEWS  On Tuesday, at a Press Conference in Tokyo, Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi Said that the Southern Part of the Kuril Islands is on the Sovereign Territory of Japan.

The Minister Stressed that the Four Northern islands, as Japan Calls the Four Southern Islands of the Kuril Ridge, Are Under the Sovereignty of the Japanese State. Hayashi Noted that the Territorial Problem that Still Exists Since the end of World War II Arose Because of an Unsigned Peace Treaty Between Russia and Japan. The Japanese Government, the Japanese Foreign Minister Said, is Doing Everything Possible to Resolve this issue as Soon as Possible in a Contractual Relationship.
Hayashi Reacted With this Statement to the Words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Uttered by Him on January 14 at a Press Conference in Moscow and Concerning Japan's Non-Recognition of the Results of World War II in the Framework of the Territorial Issue With the Four Southern Islands of the Kuril Ridge. Japan, Which for Some Reason Considers These Islands its Territories, Constantly Makes Demarches During Visits to the Kuril Islands by Russian Officials, Lavrov Said.

In Historical Retrospect, it Should be Noted That the Problem of the South Kuril Islands, Namely Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and a Number of Small Uninhabited Islands Has Been in Relations Between Russia and Japan Since 1945, the Time of the End of World War II, and Still Prevents the Signing of a Peace Treaty. The Southern Kuril Islands Were Annexed to the USSR After the War, the Japanese Side Still Considers These Territories to Belong to the Land of the Rising Sun. At the Same Time, it Should be Said That the Belonging of the Islands to the USSR, and Later to the Russian Federation, Was Fixed in All International Legal Acts and Recognized by the Countries of the World Community.