OREANDA-NEWS. An SUV broke through police barriers and crashed into a Christmas parade in the US state of Wisconsin. During the pre-holiday march in the suburb of Milwaukee — the town of Waukesha — more than 20 people were injured, there are victims. This was reported by the city police on Sunday, November 21.

Among the victims are children, orchestra members and a dance troupe: 11 adults and 12 children were hospitalized. The head of the police, Dan Thompson, said that the investigation is ongoing, the car and the suspect have already been found, he has been detained. Thompson postponed the questions until the next briefing.

After the hit-and-run, the police opened fire on a man in a car that was trying to escape from the scene of the attack. There were no casualties from the shooting. The driver of the SUV was detained. The police have not yet provided information about his identity.

The assessment of what happened as a terrorist attack is also given by the media, no such statements have been made officially. The White House reported that they are closely monitoring the investigation, which the FBI has joined.