OREANDA-NEWS. According to The Financial Times, the Swedish public health agency has recognized its own forecast of the development of the second wave of coronavirus in the country as incorrect.

The authorities hoped that the abandonment of delimitation in the spring would help in a short time to form herd immunity, which would prevent the rise in the incidence of coronavirus in the fall. However, as practice has shown, the situation developed differently: the number of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations for this reason in Sweden is now growing faster than in any other European country.

Statistics say that in Stockholm, every fifth coronavirus test is positive. This, as the newspaper writes, suggests that the virus is even more widespread than official statistics show. In the spring, the health agency predicted that, thanks to herd immunity, the situation in Sweden will be better in the fall than, for example, in Finland and Norway, which introduced quarantine, but their predictions did not materialize.

Swedish virologists like Lena Einhorn criticize the country's strategy. She noted that a few days ago, the country had eight times more coronavirus cases per capita than Finland, and 3.5 times more than Norway. Although scientists believed that the epidemiological situation in these countries in the fall will be worse than in Sweden, because the citizens of Sweden should have developed a collective immunity by this time.

At the same time, Sweden is the only European country that does not introduce formal quarantine. Instead, the public health agency recommends social distancing, hand hygiene, and working from home.