OREANDA-NEWS  Authorities in the Swedish region of Skane are outraged by the construction of an artificial island called Linettholm, which is located next to the Danish capital Copenhagen and the Oresund Strait, which connects the Baltic and North Seas. Politicians worried that the emergence of a new facility could negatively affect the environment and affect water supply. As a result, a conflict has matured between the countries. This information is reported by Bloomberg.

According to the plan, the island should appear near the Oresund Bridge, which connects Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmo. Discussion of the project is scheduled for March 2021. However, Skane opposed the construction. The authorities believe the island will have an impact on the environment.

The dissatisfaction of the Swedish side was supported by other experts as well. They noted that real estate on the dangerous island will not be able to solve the housing issue, since, due to the high cost, it will be available only to wealthy buyers.

However, representatives of By & Havn company, which plans to build, did not agree with such statements. They noted that they had carefully studied the impact of the island on the environment, and called the possible consequences insignificant. By & Havn company also confirmed that they had read the statements of the Swedish side and promised to establish a dialogue with neighbors.