OREANDA-NEWS. The Bonn police strengthened the security of the local synagogue after the riots, several people were detained, the press service of the department told RIA Novosti.

"At present, the protection of the synagogue, which was organized earlier, has been strengthened," a Bonn police spokesman said, adding that he could not tell the details of the police operation "for strategic reasons."

According to the policeman, on Tuesday evening several young men "attacked the entrance to the synagogue" and lit a fire there. The police officers who arrived at the scene found that the windows on the front door were broken, and leaflets, presumably in Arabic, were also found there. A blue and white flag was found in front of the synagogue, which was allegedly set on fire by intruders. In the adjacent streets, the police stopped two twenty-year-olds to check documents and temporarily detained two young men in their twenties. Police later detained another suspect for 24 years. The car, in which the suspects were supposedly driving, was also found.

In connection with the incident near the synagogue in Bonn, the Bonn police are looking for another suspect - a girl of 18-22 years old in dark clothes, her hair is styled in a braid. Witnesses who saw her are asked to contact the police.

In turn, in Berlin, the protection of synagogues has been stepped up amid anti-Israeli protests.