OREANDA-NEWS  According to Menafn, among others, members of the terrorist group captured the province of Andhoy, bordering Turkmenistan, where the dry port of Akin is located. The port remains under the control of government forces, but was closed a week ago.

Products from Turkmenistan, apart from the residents of Akina, were received in the districts of Karamkol, Korgan and Khan Chakhar Bagh through Akina.

It is reported that food prices have doubled in a week of downtime, and residents of these areas fear the onset of hunger.

“The port is closed and the import of food has stopped. We cannot eat properly and we are in a critical situation”, - said a local resident.

According to local councilor Mohammad Rosi, government forces took up a position 10 kilometers from the port, but the "Taliban" blocked the road to it.

At the moment, the “Taliban” controls 13 of the 14 districts of Faryab, the newspaper notes.

Militants of the movement have become more active after the start of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and their allies in May. So far, the Taliban have shown no interest in attacking neighboring countries, but are trying to occupy border areas and take control of checkpoints and, accordingly, logistics routes, the Chronicles of Turkmenistan reports.

The section of the Kerki-Imamnazar-Akina railway was opened in 2016. In January 2021, with the participation of the presidents of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, the Akina-Andkhoy section was launched, a facility built on Afghan territory and by the forces of the Turkmen side.