OREANDA-NEWS. The Taliban have banned live music at weddings in Afghanistan, men and women must now celebrate in different halls, the owner of one of the hotels told RIA Novosti.

The new rules were laid down by the Ministry of Islamic Orientation (Ministry of Call, Orientation, Good Command and Prohibition of the Bad), created instead of the Ministry of Women's Affairs, at a meeting with representatives of the hotel association for weddings.

"Yesterday we had a meeting with the Taliban. They have imposed restrictions on weddings in hotels. It is clear that they will ruin hotels because of them," said a hotel owner who attended the meeting.

According to him, according to the new rules, only men from among family members can now enter the hall for women. Men and women are also prohibited from dancing together and taking part in competitions, he added. In addition, alcohol is prohibited at the celebrations, he added.

Earlier the Taliban, which seized power in Afghanistan, also changed the rules for universities. Now men and women must study separately and attend classes in accordance with a strict dress code that assumes full respect for the traditions of Islam as understood by the Taliban. It is not yet clear whether female students will be required to cover their faces completely or whether it will be possible to limit themselves to hijab.

The Taliban are also going to revise the range of subjects taught in Afghan universities.
Due to the lack of teachers, some universities have already canceled classes for female students. And many of them stopped attending classes themselves, fearing for their safety.

In addition, the Taliban have banned women, including national team members, from playing sports in Afghanistan. This was announced on Wednesday by the deputy head of the Taliban * Culture Commission Ahmadullah Wasik in an interview with the Australian edition of SBS News.

He explained his position using the example of cricket. Wasik said that if women were admitted to the sport, their faces and bodies would be exposed to observers. "Islam and the Islamic Emirate do not allow this," the source said. According to him, the Taliban agree that women have the right to take walks as needed, but sport, he believes, is not necessary for the female population.