OREANDA-NEWS The British Cabinet approved the text of the draft agreement on the conditions of the country's exit from the European Union. This information said British Prime Minister Theresa May at a meeting with members of the government. The meeting lasted five hours, AP reports.

"This is a crucial step that allows us to move forward and complete the deal in the coming days," said Ms. May. She expressed confidence that the approved version of the agreement was the best one possible.

The document consists of 585 pages. It provides for the extension of the transition period after the "Breccia" if the decision on the border with the Republic of Ireland will not be accepted until July 1, 2020. The document also guarantees the mutual rights of EU and UK citizens, including social benefits. Its purpose is to streamline the Brexit process, including legal registration.

The European Parliament approved the progress in the negotiations on Brexit. European Commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmström hopes that the EU countries will support the proposed option of the UK's exit from the EU.

In an interview with CNBC Malmström was asked whether the EU States will support this project. "I'm counting on it," Malmström said.

She also expressed satisfaction that the project had received initial approval from the British Cabinet.

"If (Prime Minister Theresa May) has received the support of the government, it is without a doubt a positive event," said Malmström. May promised to set out the details of the agreement on Thursday in Parliament.

Malmström stressed that with the exit from the EU, the UK will have to leave all trade agreements, of which it is a member within the bloc, and re-negotiate with partners.

The EU and the UK approved the draft Treaty on Brexit the day before, 13 November. In particular, the negotiators agreed on agreements that will avoid a "hard line" between Ireland and Northern Ireland.