OREANDA-NEWS. The 14th Dalai Lama appealed to the people of the planet on the International Day of Mother Earth, which is celebrated on April 22, with an appeal to join forces to solve the problem of global warming and the lack of drinking water. His message was published on the official website of the spiritual leader of Buddhism.

The Dalai Lama said: “Our planet is a wonderful place to live. Her life is our life, her future is our future. The Earth can truly be called our mother, and we, her children, depend on her. Individual organizations and individual states find themselves helpless in the face of such universal problems as global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer. We will not be able to solve them if we do not join forces. Our Mother Earth gives us a lesson in universal responsibility."

He drew attention to the problem of lack of drinking water.

“Today more than ever, the well-being of people in many parts of the world, especially mothers and children, is threatened by severe water shortages and inadequate sanitation and hygiene, for lack of access to basic medical services. And yet we can find a solution, "the spiritual leader is convinced.

In this regard, he welcomed the initiative of US President Joe Biden to hold a climate summit at this time.

“To preserve our planet, we must now and at all times contribute to environmental education and the growth of personal responsibility. Caring for the environment must become an integral part of our daily life. ... On this day, let us all together commit to working for improving the environment, for the sake of preserving our only common home - the beautiful Earth, "concluded the Dalai Lama.