OREANDA-NEWS  Environmentalists took to the streets after the Danish parliament has recently approved the project. According to calculations, it will provide housing for 35 thousand people. Environmentalists are going to challenge the decision in European courts.

"They did not take a comprehensive assessment of the impact of construction on the environment. And it is and it is negative, if you listen to the experts," - said Sebbe Selvig, the spokesman of the “Stop Linettholm” movement: His associate Morten Maggaard notes: then, it's their decision! It's illegal".

The “Greens” argue that the authorities have done half the work, assessing the environmental impact of building the island, but not the houses and roads on it.

The Danish Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht disagrees: "We undertook a very thorough study, literally with a magnifying glass in our hands. I am extremely pleased with the experts who questioned us, I am also pleased with the thoughtful process of considering the project in parliament", he said.

Contractors say the artificial island will protect Copenhagen's port from rising sea levels. “We know the sea is rising and we need to fence off the capital,” says Anne Skovbro of By og Havn.

The authorities have conceived the construction of the island of Lynettholm because of the housing crisis. The funds received from the sale of real estate are planned to be spent on the development of Copenhagen's infrastructure.