OREANDA-NEWS Only now, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed that 85 years ago, he eliminated the famous gangster of the 30s of the last century, John Dillinger. After his death, many rumors appeared that the legendary criminal managed to escape.

In July of this year, two Dillinger relatives said they wanted to exhume the remains of the liquidated gangster, because they believe that the FBI agents during the shootout did not shoot him, but someone else, RIA Novosti reported.

In a widespread press release, the Chicago FBI office recalls that Dillinger's death is considered the beginning of the end of the era of American gangsters. The FBI characterizes the criminal as a “notorious, cruel thief”: in 1933-1934, John Dillinger and his gang members killed at least 10 people and injured seven more. The bandits specialized in robbing banks and police arsenals. They also organized the escape of their accomplices from custody.

Following the liquidation of John Dillinger, 27 people were convicted of harboring or helping him commit crimes.